Toranj Charity Festival

PGCF has organized 3 charity markets for the purpose of promoting the charity culture in the Iranian community and raising fund for charity. Toranj is one of the charity markets where tasty foods and snacks are catered to make sure you are well fed while shopping and playing.

Bottle Drive

Bottle Drive for Charity program, held 4 times a year, has been our main fundraising event for the past 5 years. When you register in this program, we will take your bottles to a bottle depot and the refunded fee will be donated to Paradise Charity.


Every year, PGCF holds the Sin-e-Hashtom charity event on the Persian New Year Eve/Day. We cater and deliver homemade SabziPoloMahi at your doorstep. All proceeds will go towards supporting underprivileged children in Iran.

Coin bank

This is one of our most sustainable fundraising programs. Our volunteers usually collect coin banks every 3 months. We have distributed around 150 coin banks among Calgarians. So far we have raised $4000 from this program