Who we are

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”

We are a group of University of Calgary students, alumni and faculty members who are striving to contribute to community building and promotion of charitable and humanitarian activities in Calgary. The Persian Gulf Charity Foundation (PGCF) is a student based entity; however we would be glad and honored to accept the help of non-student patrons and volunteers. 


PGCF holds more than 10 events annually including Toranj Summer Festival which is the largest gathering of Iranian community in Calgary.

How we work

Send money to Iran

All the money raised by PGCF is sent to Paradise Charity in Toronto to be used towards supporting children in need in Iran.

Paradise Charity

Paradise Charity Group is a registered, Canadian, not-for-profit charitable organization. Paradise Charity has the required permissions to transfer money to Iran.

Sponsorship of a child

You can sponsor a child through two different ways:

  • Full Sponsorship: It is $35/month which you can pay to PGCF or Paradise Charity Group. You can choose the child whom you want to sponsor through reviewing kids’ profiles in Paradise Charity Group website.
  • Partial Sponsorship: You and your friends can sponsor a child together by paying a portion of the monthly payment. PGCF also can help you to find some contributors to form a small group and put your contribution together to sponsor a child.