Toranj Charity Festival

Toranj is a multicultural festival focused on introducing ethnicity, geographic diversity, architecture, handcraft and folk costume with an estimated flair to blend and integrate with all ages from kids to adults. Notably, by designing an indoor walking map of Iran we are trying to depict lovely pieces of Iran for children who haven’t had a chance to visit various beautiful places in Iran. Furthermore, Toranj is also filled with a vast variety of other programs; from crafts and art making, kids’ booth and book exhibition, folklore music and live stage performances, nostalgic games and entertainments to a very traditional tea house and food catering.
This event incorporates all of the other major Iranian groups including the Iranian Cultural Society of Calgary, Iranian Graduate Students Association (IGSA) and Persian Gulf Club (PGC). With the enthusiasm of these groups in promoting the event, we expect to have a high degree of participation from Iranians in Calgary.

This event provides a unique opportunity for people in Calgary to contribute to, and support, multi-cultural and charitable activities which directly benefit underprivileged children in Iran.