COVID-19 Urgent Relief Effort

A Campaign to Help the Iranian Civil Society in Their Fight Against Corona

  • To provide medical supplies to front-line health care providers

  • To provide financial support to vulnerable families

  • The country has been hit early and hard by the COVID-19

  • The impact has been made more severe by the extraordinary challenges the country and population currently face

  • The result has been a diminished ability to cope with the outbreak and an unusually high level of loss and suffering that could have been avoided

  • Commitment to accountability and transparency

  • Working with local non-governmental-organizations (NGO’s) and frontline agencies

  • Partnering with reputable charities and NGOs in Iran and Canada

  • Commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

  • No-religious and No-political affiliations

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The Iranian community is strong, and we have been working together to support our Iranian community abroad for many years. During this pandemic we have initiated the COVID-19 Urgent Relief Effort (CURE), to maximize our effort to address the acute shortages identified by professionals in Iran. Building on years of charity work, COVID-19 Urgent Relief Effort (CURE) has brought the Iranian community in Canada together to address the acute medical and welfare needs as a result of the outbreak in Iran.


Associate Members

Steps completed

as of April 1, 2020

In Iran

We identified reputable and effective local partners that have a history of providing humanitarian relief, coordinate their efforts with other local NGO’s, and have a network of suppliers, distributors and manufacturers.

The registered charity Paradise Charity Group has joined us to provide dependable and transparent means of transfer of funds to Iranian agencies. We have been partnering with Paradise Charity for many years.