Who the founders are: The idea of the CURE4IRAN campaign was initially developed within a group of non for profit Iranian organizations in Calgary including Persian Gulf Charity Foundation (PGCF), Iranian Graduate Students’ Association (IGSA), Iranian Cultural Society of Calgary (ICSC), Ham-Andishi group, Persian Gulf Club and Iranian Monthly Meetings (IMM). The founders have requested like-minded organizations to join the campaign, and feel fortunate to see growth of CURE4IRAN and joining of Associate Members across Canada.

Background: The Iranian-Canadian community is strong, and at times of need, it has been working together to support those less fortunate in Iran. During this pandemic we have initiated CURE4IRAN, to maximize our effort to address the acute shortages identified by professionals in Iran. Building on years of charity work, CURE4IRAN has brought the Iranian-Canadian community together to address the acute medical and welfare needs as a result of the outbreak in Iran.

Mission of CURE4IRAN:
  • To Provide medical supplies to front-line health care providers
  • To provide financial support to vulnerable families
Principle of CURE4IRAN:
  • Commitment to accountability and transparency
  • Working with local non-governmental-organizations (NGO’s) and frontline agencies
  • Partnering with reputable charities and NGO’s in Iran and Canada
  • Commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • No-religious and No-political affiliations
Duration: We intend to continue the campaign for the duration of pandemic and as long as the community is supporting it; possibly for a number of months.

Goals: This Initial goal of CURE4IRAN is $10,000; however, this number might increase.

In Iran: The founders have identified reputable and effective local partners that have a history of providing humanitarian relief, coordinate their efforts with other local NGO’s, and have a network of suppliers, distributors and manufacturers.

In Canada: The registered charity Paradise Charity Group has joined the founders to provide dependable and transparent means of transfer of funds to Iranian agencies. The founders have a successful history of partnership with Paradise Charity for many years.

By participating in CURE4IRAN campaign, the Associate Members agree:
  1. CURE4IRAN welcomes any organization that is willing to use its resources to help CURE4IRAN in its mission.
  2. While the founders and the Associate Members respect all views, joining CURE4IRAN does not mean endorsement of the joined organizations’ views, charters, or actions by the founders or other Associate Members.
  3. The logo of all the Associate Members will appear on the CURE4IRAN web page. The logo will be linked to Associate Members website or social media.
  4. All Marketing materials of CURE4IRAN will be provided by Persian Gulf Charity Foundation (PGCF). The Associate Member can only share these materials through their communication channels without any changes.
Should you have any suggestions or questions, or would like to help with the campaign, please feel free to e-mail us at:
  1. PGC.CharityFoundation@gmail.com (in Calgary)
  2. BaharCharityuoft@gmail.com (in Toronto)